Sir Ian Barker QC * (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
Graeme Christie  (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
David Connor  (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
Nick Davidson QC  (Auckland, New Zealand)                   View profile 
Anna Kirk  (Auckland, New Zealand)                   View profile 
Lauren Lindsay  (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
Royden Hindle  (Auckland, New Zealand)                   View profile 
Derek Firth *  (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
Simon Foote *  (Auckland, New Zealand)                    
Thomas Geuther  (Wellington, New Zealand)                    
Derek Johnston *  (Wellington, New Zealand)             View profile 
Kenneth Johnston  (Wellington, New Zealand)              
Timothy Lindsay  (Auckland, New Zealand)             View profile 
Peter William Jones *  (Auckland, New Zealand)              
Daniel Kalderimis *  (Wellington, New Zealand)             View profile 
David Kreider *  (Auckland, New Zealand)             View profile 
Nicole Smith *  (Tauranga, New Zealand)             View profile 
John Walton  (Auckland, New Zealand)             View profile 
Tom Weston QC  (Christchurch, New Zealand)              
David Williams QC *  (Auckland, New Zealand)              
Robert Kirkness  (Wellington, New Zealand)             View profile
Polly Pope             View profile
Sophie East              
Campbell Walker QC                
Stephen Jagusch  (London, England)              
Paul A Key QC  (London, England)              
Nicola Swan  (London, England)             View profile 
Richard McGrane  (London, England)              
Wendy Miles  (London, England)              
Murray Pickering QC  (London, England)    
Audley Sheppard  (London, England)    
Benedict Tompkins *  (London, England)   View profile 
James Rogers  (London, England)   View profile 
Jason Fry *  (Paris, France)    
Andrew Tetley  (Paris, France)    
Peter Thorp *  (Paris, France)   View profile
Katherine Belton *  (Dusseldorf, Germany)    
Sarah Grimmer  (Hong Kong)    
James Hosking *  (New York, United States)    
Professor Benedict Kingsbury  (New York, United States)                                            
Rob Palmer *  (Singapore)                             View profile 
David Cairns *  (Madrid, Spain)                             View profile 
Domitille Baizeau  (Geneva, Switzerland)                              


* Denotes members available to sit as arbitrators and for whom CV’s are available